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Fulfillment Process

American Unit 4-Step Fulfillment Process

To help companies recruit, train and maintain the best people possible, Onboard IT Partners offers our 4-Step Fulfillment Process. This process guides companies through all stages of the hiring and development process in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Step 1. Job Description Creation

Onboard IT Partners will help you craft succinctly and accurately a job description that is both accurate and appealing. Additionally, we can advise you with regard to salary levels.

Step 2. Technical Testing and Interviewing

Onboard IT Partners will interview candidates and test them with regard to specific skills required for your opening. You will only see candidates who pass these tests.

Step 3. Reference Checking

Vetting a potential employee is an important process. Onboard IT Partners can facilitate checks of past employment records, credit history, qualifications, references and criminal history, among others.

Step 4. Development

Onboard IT Partners offers mentoring and training of candidates and recent hires. This is especially helpful when a job description lists many essential skills that are difficult to locate in a single candidate.

For further information about our fulfillment process, Please contact a member of our staffing team at :
+1-708-669-4611 or email contact@onboarditpartners.com